Hackney Remembers

'Hackney Remembers' is an exciting Fifth Word community project being run in partnership with Hackney Museum and the Jewish Military Museum. It uncovers the story of how the First World War changed the lives of people in Hackney nearly 100 years ago.

Local volunteers catalogued archive materials for use in school sessions with year 6 pupils. Using specialised drama techniques, Fifth Word brought the personal stories of Hackney soldiers and their families to life.

During these sessions, pupils selected themes and sources they found most interesting to curate their own exhibition launching at Hackney Museum on July 17th 2013. QR codes lead to a website containing a documentary film and more information about how the exhibition was realised by those who made it.

Hackney Remembers is open to the public at Hackney Museum until the 28th September 2013. Transferring to the Jewish Military Museum in October 2013.