All the Little Lights workshops at Arcola

ALL THE LITTLE LIGHTS tackles the delicate subject of child sexual exploitation: with real subtlety, warmth and humanity, it told the story of three teenage girls who are groomed for exploitation, who have been powerless to get anyone to notice or acknowledge what is happening to them, and can barely even admit it to themselves. 
We worked with charity safe and sound to jointly deliver workshops to explore difficult issues with young people in a safe space, and to raise awareness among them of the real issue of CSE, how to protect against it, and how to better understand those who are experiencing it and are unable to speak out

Testiomonial from safe and sound around the workshops. 
“All The Little Lights was a direct and honest production that pulled no punches in reflecting the power and impact both grooming and sexual exploitation has on victims. I was fortunate to observe the theatre workshop that Fifth Word ran with a group of young people prior to the show. To be able to see and hear the thoughts, reactions and discussions of the group was incredible. I have no doubt both workshop and performance had a real impact on them. I would love to see “All the Little Lights” and the theatre workshop in schools throughout the country”
Sarah Brown, Case Advisor, Safe & Sound