Stormont House Centenary in Underway!

Volunteers at the Archives

We are excited to work with Hackney Museum on a project to uncover Stormont House School during WW1.

Volunteers have recently been recruited to research and select archives/ artefacts that will help uncover the School's fascinating history.

Volunteers recently received their first training session and will be given opportunities to research whilst being guided by a professional researcher. The training explores how we can interpret research for exhibitions and how to use archives more generally.

The research will result in a story box that Fifth Word will use as a starting point to delve deeper into stories with young people from Stormont House School next February 2016. This experience will enable Yr 7 pupils to become curators and create an exhibition that will tour Hackney Museum, Hackney Downs Park Pavilion and Hackney Archives from spring 2016 onwards.

We are excited to see what our volunteers find out!

More opportunities will be available to get involved in the project. Watch this space...

More info about the project here.

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