Mantle of the Expert

At Fifth Word, we specialise in ‘Mantle of the Expert’ methodology and had the unique opportunity to be mentored and trained by Dr Dorothy Heathcote, the inventor of the method.

What is Mantle of the Expert?

Mantle of the Expert (MOE) is a dramatic-inquiry approach to teaching and learning that aims to empower pupils by making them ‘experts’ in the running of an enterprise. Through activities and tasks, the children gradually take on the responsibilities, problems and challenges that real ‘experts’ such as archaeologists, scientists or rescue teams might do in the real world. The Mantle of the Expert system is an approach to the whole curriculum.

MOE aims to bring a new contextual way to teaching the curriculum using dramatic strategies to make it more meaningful and creative. MOE empowers young people to be masters of their own learning, rewards curiosity and breaks the shackles of traditional ‘chalk and talk’.

After working on MOE projects Fifth Word is now convinced more than ever that this is the most sophisticated model of learning available to teachers and young people.

To discuss a possible MOE project with your school please contact us.

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Our most recent Mantle of the Expert project was Derbyshire Remembers, an exploration of the First World War. See it in more detail.